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Getting Started With your Glowforge


There are a few tools I use EVERY time I turn on my Glowforge (or close to it)

  • Plastic Razor - for removing masking quickly from your materials - works GREAT and quickly, just be careful on delicate materials

  • Gorilla Tape - use this for those tiny mask pieces that don't want to behave - just stick it on and pull up: here

  • Masking tape - Sometimes I mask, sometimes I don't, but I find that with shiny materials, it can help the laster to focus, also keeps me from having to sand or erase burn marks: here

  • Digital Caliper - I don't use this as much daily, since you can use "set focus" to deal with any height issues in your product, BUT it is great when designing slots for something, as you need that level of precision: here

  • 3M double sided tape - I use this sparingly because it is SO expensive - but it is AMAZING and a must for anything with CLEAR acrylics that you want to adhere - this link is to a 10 pack of 8"x12", but if you love it, go search on facebook for a deal on a roll: here

  • Risers and material holders - Chipped Builds makes these with her 3D printer and they are awesome for engraving cutting boards, other materials, etc: here

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