Beginner Projects to Complete FIRST on your Glowforge

Glowforge has thier own recommended projects for you to complete first, but I don't recommend exactly the same ones. Here's what I recommend and why:

  1. Gift of Good Measure - Glowforge Catalog

  2. Great to learn what Score/Engrave/Cut look like and do on your machine. Glowforge also uses this for troubleshooting!

  3. Quick - and a good use of your medium draftboard

  4. Honeycomb Crumb Tray Pins: HERE

  5. You need to keep your materials flat - these pins will help you do it!

  6. Great use of scraps, any time you need to use something up

  7. No Math Ruler: HERE

  8. Want to engrave something taller than your crumb tray? This will let you determine how high it needs to be raised, without measuring

  9. another great use of your medium draftboard and quick!

  10. Power Test: HERE

  11. You will need to learn how to choose settings for each and every material that is not

  12. Something that makes you HAPPY - I chose:

  13. Mini Milk Crates: HERE

  14. Milk Crate Carrier: HERE

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