Is Glowforge Right for YOU?

Are you wondering if it is time to add a Glowforge to your crafty life or your small business?

In the video below, I'll walk you through four reasons it might be right for you and four reasons it might not.

Here's the breakdown:

  1. Upgrading from Die Cutting - If you're coming from Die Cutting (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.) - Glowforge can be an easy transition to the world of Laser Cutting. I think of Glowforge like the "apple" of Lasers, as it is intuitive and easy to use. The software is similar in look and feel to Cricut Design Space so that it won't feel completely foreign. And, if you've been using Silhouette Studio, you're potentially even in a better position as you have design skills ready to go! When you're trying to learn this new skill and thinking about settings to achieve the look you want with your materials, it is nice not to worry about learning entirely new software. Additionally, your Glowforge comes with a camera on the lid, allowing you to place designs on your materials with accuracy quickly. Not all lasers geared for home use come with this feature!

  2. Space considerations - If you want to add a laser inside your home, Glowforge is an excellent option. Glowforge was designed to be used in your home and requires only two main things: a sturdy surface (many people get a husky workbench with storage) and the ability to vent correctly. If you choose to get the pro model, you will need to make sure you can feed materials from behind the machine to get the added distance, but otherwise, you can tuck your Glowforge away wherever it will fit!

  3. Multi-Passionate Creative - if you are adding a laser to your life for fun and experimenting with what you can do, Glowforge is a fantastic choice. Since you will not need to focus on learning all the ins and outs of a laser, you can spend your time on what you want to make. You can test ideas, products, materials and either add these new ideas to an existing business or start a completely new one. If you choose a different brand of laser, you may get frustrated with operating the laser, getting your focus correct, dealing with external software, etc., vs. having fun playing with your new laser.

  4. Continuous Improvement Fans - The Glowforge software is Cloud-based and consistently reviewed and updated by the team. This Cloud-based design allows you to have new features rolled out to you as soon as they are ready, with no software updates to complete! While some people find the Cloud-based software to be a negative, I find the new features to be well worth the expense for Premium subscription and the WiFi requirement for operation of the machine.

Why would Glowforge not be the right solution for you?

  1. You want a rotary attachment - Glowforge does not support rotary engraving and has no plans to support it in their current lineup of machines. The maximum height of material you can engrave in your Glowforge is two inches, so a rotary attachment wouldn't fit.

  2. Your business is high on repetition - While Glowforge lasers are very powerful, they are not the fastest on the market in their price range. If you know that you need to complete the same project in high volume and need faster engraving speed, you may want to look at more industrial lasers at a similar price point. I know many people who run high-volume businesses. Some have chosen to add an industrial laser to their shop, completing test cuts and "one-off" projects on their Glowforge, while doing the more consistent repetitive tasks in their industrial laser, while others have chosen to add a Glowforge (or two).

  3. You aren't willing to face some Trial and Error - Success with a Glowforge, once you have moved on from Proofgrade materials, comes from trial and error with the settings on the machine. If you aren't willing to do some research, testing, and waste some materials, then it might not be the right time to add a laser to your life, and you might want to hold off on buying a Glowforge. Only Proofgrade materials have automated settings, so anything else you want to use requires you to choose your settings manually. There are many resources available to get you started, but they do require some effort. If that's not interesting to you, you might want to skip the laser for now.

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