Top 6 tools you should buy while waiting for your Glowforge to arrive!

Updated: Jan 20

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Plastic Razor - for removing masking quickly from your materials - works GREAT and quickly, just be careful on delicate materials - you can buy from Amazon HERE

Gorilla Tape - use this for those tiny masking pieces that don't want to behave - just stick it on and pull up - you can buy from Amazon HERE

Masking tape - Sometimes I mask, sometimes I don't, but I find that with shiny materials, it can help the laster to focus, also keeps me from having to sand or erase burn marks. I love this one from if you use my code thingskatiemakes at checkout you'll get 10% off!

Dawn Dish Soap - I adore working with iridescent acrylic, and I HATE when it has markings on the back from flashback. Same goes for mirror acrylic. The solution? Dawn dish soap on the acrylic- easy to apply a thin layer, and it will help keep the flashback at bay - and it simply washes right off. You can get it at the grocery store, or in a three pack from Amazon HERE

3M 300LSE double sided tape - I use this sparingly because it is SO expensive - but it is AMAZING and a must for anything with CLEAR acrylics that you want to adhere - this link is to a 3 pack of 12"x12", but if you love it, go search on facebook for a deal on a roll. Amazon Link HERE

Novus plastic polish and scratch remover - my friends over at introduced me to this product and it is awesome. I use this when I've filled engravings in acrylic with paint and maybe some of the masking escaped or I made other small messes. This is also great to help clean up any leftover masking without damaging your precious acrylic! You can get it from my friends and if you use my link, you'll get 10% off: Custom Made Better

Once you've bought these supplies - you'll need materials!

Go check out my favorite materials suppliers on this post Materials Suppliers

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out - you can find me @thingskatiemakes on instagram. Happy Forgeing!

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