Welcome to Things Katie Makes - so excited you're here!

Hi - I'm Katie and I've been a crafter for many years and a Glowforge user since the beginning of 2021. As I was getting started, I realized there were many, many resources to learn from, but they were pretty scattered and kind of overwhelming to go through. Most of them are text, answers to questions in forums or facebook groups, and geared to specific problems.

Enter Things Katie Makes!

I've always loved learning and can't help but share when I get really excited about something - and my Glowforge is something I'm SUPER excited about. As I go through all the things I'm learning, you can come here (or one of my other social channels) to see what I'm up to and what I'm sharing. Think favorite suppliers, tools and techniques to help you cut through the noise and get to making as fast as possible.

Think of me as your laser bestie, the person you quick message when you see a message you've never seen before or the person you trust to walk you through step by step.

I love hearing what people are struggling with so I can focus on getting relevant information out there so please connect with me. You can email me at katie@thingskatiemakes.com or reach out over on Instagram @thingskatiemakes.

Stay in the know

I give my best info to my email subscribers first, so if you don't want to miss a thing, I hope you'll join me in the TKM Club - Happy Forgeing!

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