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Hey New Glowforge Owner!

Feeling excited, overwhelmed, encouraged and discouraged all at once?

You Don't have to Go it Alone!

I'm Katie - and not too long ago, I was in the exact same boat as you! My Glowforge had arrived, I had made my first few projects, but what was next? I didn't have a design background, a social media presence, or an existing customer base - YIKES!

There were so many resources to sift through, YouTube Videos, Facebook groups, the Glowforge Community forums, Adobe Illustrator Trainings, Suppliers, Etsy, SEO, Website building, PHEW!


So I buckled up and spent the better part of a year sorting through all the resources I could find.  Piecing together bits and pieces to find what worked for me. 

It doesn't have to be the same for you


If you've made it here, you're probably looking for some simple resources to get you heading in the right direction as you build your business, right? 

GREAT! That's what I'm here for. Through blog posts, downloadable/printable guides, even one on one coaching sessions, I'll help you get up to speed faster than I did, and with fewer costly mistakes! 


Let me know where you're struggling  

DM me on instagram @thingskatiemakes OR

email me at

can't wait to hear from you, and

Let's ROCK your new business together!

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